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Private tour to Chucuito, Aramu muru and Juli 3/4 day

Private service
3/4 day approx.
Puno - Chucuito - Juli

$ 199.00 Price per person in private service.



Located 85 km from the city of Puno, on the shores of Lake Titicaca, known as the little “Rome of America” by building their churches in colonial times and JULI was the largest cultural center and Christian evangelization in this part of South America, their churches: (San Juan de Letrán, Santa Cruz de Jerusalén, Asunción and San Pedro) were built by the Jesuits and Dominicans who imposed the Catholic religion. Currently, San Pedro is the only temple where Masses are celebrated, and San Juan de Letrán and Asunción as a museum. These churches emphasize the wealth in its architecture and decoration in gold leaf.

SAN PEDRO CHURCH built by St. Thomas (Dominican order) In the 16th century; It has a single nave in form of a Latin cross, with numerous side chapels with paints of great quality, a baptismal font and wood carvings.

SAN JUAN DE LETRAN built between 16th and 17th centuries by Dominican and Jesuit order, it has the series “Life of John the Baptist” (of the famous Jesuit Bernardo Bitti and Thomas Lara).

NUESTRA SEÑORA DE LA ASUNCIÓN built in the 16th century by Dominican order. Of renaissance style, inside this church you’ll find canvas from Cusco’s schools, Italian and Spanish. Likewise murals with flora and fauna of the place.


Is considered as a sacred place, mysterious, mystical and enigmatic. The building that stands out is the “Inter-dimensional Gate” carved in stone of seven meters wide and seven meters tall, near to the Lake Titicaca amidst a green field with rocks formations.

Locals say that it is the entrance to the God Aramu Muru’s Temple of Illumination or “Hayu Marca” which leads to another reality according to history of the locals.

Chucuito or The Real Boxes City:

is a small colonial town, where we will visit “The Fertility Temple” or “Inca Uyo” Inca ceremonial complex rectangular form containing monuments phallic (phalluses carved in stone) where was made ritual ceremonies dedicated to the fertility or Pachamama (The Earth mother).

At 7:30 a.m. Early in the morning you will be picked up from your downtown hotel by our local guide and depart to Chucuito where you will visit the “Temple of Inca Uyo” or “Fertility Temple” which has more than 20 Phalluses carved in stone.

Continuing our journey by shoes of the Lake Titicaca, we arrive and visit to Aramu-Muru or “Hayu-Marka” in Aymara, means “Town of Spirits” outstanding construction “Inter-dimensional gate” (45 min time of visit), then Box Luch in the main square of Juli, after visit the beautiful churches as: San Pedro Church, San Juan De Letran And Nuestra Señora de la Asunción. Were built between 16th and 17th centuries by Dominican and Jesuit order. Our guide will explain in detail about their history of the churches and culture of the place. About 1:00 p.m. Return to Puno and transfer to your hotels.

07:30 hrs. Pick up from your hotel in Puno and depart to Chucuito-“Inca Uyo”.
08:00 hrs. Arrival and visit to Chucuito-“Inca Uyo” or Fertility Temple.
09:30 hrs. Arrival and visit to Aramu Muru or “Hayu Marca”.
10:30 hrs. Departure to the city of Juli or “Little Rome of America”.
11:00 hrs. Arrival at the main square of Juli (Box Lunch)
11:30 hrs. Visit the churches of Juli or “Little Rome of South America”.
13:00 hrs. Return to Puno.
15:30 hrs. Arrival in Puno and transfer to your hotels.

NOTE: The hours are flexible for private trips according to our customers.

  • Advice one day before the tour.
  • Box lunch.
  • Entrances fees to Inca Uyo, Aramu-Muru and Chuches of Juli.
  • Spanish / English guide (on request languages French).
  • Tourist transportation.
  • Lunch.
  • Others not mentioned in the tour.
You maye take this:
  • Camera, Toilet paper and extra batteries.
  • A bottle of water (a liter).
  • Comfortable shoes for walking.
  • Personal backpack with everything necessary for your tour.
  • Snacks, chocolate or energy candies.
  • Lightweight and warm clothing.

Autumn and winter: cold and wind (wear light coat). Spring and Summer: rain (raincoat and umbrella)

You maye know:
  • To make this tour requires at least 2 people.
1 People $ 199.00 USD
2 People $ 199.00 USD
3 People $ 225.00 USD
4 People $ 245.00 USD
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Private tour to Chucuito, Aramu muru and Juli 3/4 day approx.
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