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Private tour to Lampa, Pucará and Tinajani 1 day
full day

Private service
Full day
Puno - Lampa - Tinajani

$ 199.00 Price per person in private service.



The Pink City of Lampa: Is located (30 minutes of travel from the Juliaca airport approx. 1h and 20min. From the city of Puno), Lampa known as the “Pink City” which still retains its colonial structure and build of their houses with material pink own of the place. Their small streets and squares can breathe peace and quiet. Also for the main building of the colonial times as: the Temple Santiago Apostle, built in the 17th century, inside this church you’ll find canvas from Cusco’s schools, the altar with silver ornaments; Its temple “St. James” has a copy of the replica of Michelangelo’s Pieta. In this town we also find the single most beautiful colonial bridge made of Calicanto.


Is located 61 km from Puno and Juliaca airport 1hour by car. Pukara was one of the main cultures Pre-Inca, characterized by the great constructions of pyramidal form as sculptural monuments, huge stone stelae shaped puma and suche variety of crafts produce by the locals, Pukará is famous for its pottery, especially the well-known “Toritos de Pukara” (Littles bulls of pukara” according to its creators representing prosperity.

There is found the oldest archaeological site in the area called “Kalasaya” ceremonial center where anthropomorphic stone sculptures found preserved in the museum.

(Pukara Stone Museum), displaying a good little selection of anthropomorphic monoliths, zoomorphic sculptures, ceramics, and other objects from the Pukara pre-Inca Culture (original and replica pieces).


Located at 14 Km. On the route from Juliaca to Cusco, Tinajani is an amazing canyon where you can see breathtaking rock formations with 50m tall, appear to be made by human hands in clay and sandstone rock that gives the impression of an enchanted citadel, is a center of mystical high positive energy.and a great place to meditate and relaxing.

At 07:00 a.m. Early in the morning you will be picked up from your hotel by our local guide and depart to city of Lampa (1hour and 30 min travel by car) Arrive and visit the temple (St. James), Continuing our trip to the village of Pukara (30 min drive by car) We visit Kalasaya temple and The “Museo Litico de Pucara” (Pucara Stone Museum), displaying a good little selection of anthropomorphic monoliths, zoomorphic sculptures, ceramics, and other objects from the Pucara pre-Inca Culture (original and replica pieces) then, depart to town of Ayaviri,  visit to Tinajani mystery and mysticism place, where you will have a small walking around the amazing canyon, return to Puno, 5:30 p.m. Arrival in Puno and transfer to your hotels.

07:00 hrs. Pick up from your downtown hotel in Puno and depart to Lampa.
08:30 hrs. Arrival and visit the city of Lampa or “Pink City”.
09:30 hrs. Departure to Pukará by a trail road.
10:45 hrs. Arrival and visit The “Museo Litico de Pucara” and Kalasaya temple.
11:45 hrs. Departure to the city of Ayaviri.
13:45 hrs. Arrival and visit Tinajani canyon.
15:30 hrs. Return to the city of Puno.
18:00 hrs. Arrival in Puno and transfer to your hotel.

NOTE: The hours are flexible for private trips according to our customers.

  • Advice one day before the tour.
  • Entrances fees to Lampa, Pukara and Tinajani.
  • Guide Spanish / English.
  • Tourist transportation.
  • Lunch.
  • Others not mentioned in the tour.
You maye take this:
  • Camera, Toilet paper and extra batteries.
  • A bottle of water (a liter).
  • Comfortable shoes for walking.
  • Personal backpack with everything necessary for your tour.
  • Snacks, chocolate or energy candies.
  • Lightweight and warm clothing.

Autumn and winter: cold and wind (wear light coat). Spring and Summer: rain (raincoat and umbrella).

You maye know:
  • To make this tour requires at least 2 people.
  • Order guides in French and Portuguese languages ahead of (1 week).
1 People $ 199.00 USD
2 People $ 199.00 USD
3 People $ 250.00 USD
4 People $ 295.00 USD
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Private tour to Lampa, Pucará and Tinajani 1 day full day
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